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Are you looking for a reputable and trusted masonry contractor in Dover, NY? Perhaps you need professional assistance with residential repair work or to create a durable structure that stands the test of time. J Coronado Masonry is readily available to provide smooth and efficient services and deliver exceptional results that exceed your expectations.

Masonry Services

The Services I Offer

Bluestone & Paver Patio Construction

Bluestone & Paver Patio Construction

A patio is a wonderful addition to any residential property, providing additional living space for hosting parties and entertaining guests. Whether you want a bluestone or paver patio construction, I possess the skills and the knowledge to make your dream vision a reality. By working with an experienced contractor, you can create a truly unique space, perfectly complementing the architectural style of your property and making it stand out from the rest of the neighborhood.
Stone Wall Construction

Stone Wall Construction

Adding a gorgeous stone or block wall on your property can offer an authentic quality and helps to add depth to any space. The natural texture and variation of the stones can help connect the architecture and interior to the surrounding landscape, perfectly complementing the style of your property. Because of their robust nature and the low-maintenance, stones are the ideal material for exterior application. Rely on me for a hassle-free stone wall construction service!
Masonry Service

Masonry Service

By opting for my professional masonry service, you can help your home structurally and add an aesthetic appeal to your house, increasing its market value tremendously. Incorporating unique masonry work such as a stunningly beautiful fire pit or gorgeous chimney into your residential property, you can dramatically enhance its curb appeal and make it a more appealing option for potential buyers. Being cost-effective, durable, and low-maintenance, masonry can effectively lower utility bills and save you money in the long run.
Masonry Repair Work

Masonry Repair Work

When you notice cracks, chips, and other issues that are plaguing your masonry construction, you may be tempted to tackle the problem on your own, attempting to save both money and hassle. Masonry skills are refined with years of experience, and enthusiastic DIYers lack the competence to perform adequate repair work. By entrusting your masonry repair service requirements to me, you can protect yourself from injury and ensure a safe environment for your family.
Concrete Work

Concrete Work

Being durable, strong, and versatile, concrete is the ideal material for an array of applications. Whether you need concrete steps, sidewalks, walkways, or retaining wall construction, I can provide you with timely and professional services and guaranteed impressive results. By scheduling my excellent services, you can be confident that your home is safe and secure for the long term. Don’t waste time – get in touch with J Coronado Masonry today, and reap all the benefits!
Stucco Service

Stucco Service

My professional stucco services can deliver beauty, quality, and long-lasting durability. Durable, moisture and fire-resistant, stucco can be applied in a variety of textures and colors to create an eye-catching home exterior. As an expert in the area, I have years of experience in mixing and applying stucco siding, so you can rest assured that your stucco job is completed the right way. I’m prepared to provide smooth and efficient services and outstanding outcomes!

The Benefits

Appointing masonry repair contractors for your project comes with a long list of benefits. Experts in the industry know how to perform high-quality services and can successfully avoid common mistakes and expensive mishaps. Professionals can provide you with the long-lasting results you desire and ensure that the materials utilized in your home are of excellent quality and won’t be easily damaged by natural disasters and external forces.

How I Do It

As an experienced contractor, I proceed toward each brick and stone masonry service utilizing only state-of-the-art equipment and tools, ensuring we meet my customers’ special requirements and specific needs. I possess the expertise, skills, and training to safely extend the longevity of your structure and ensure that your property is secure in the long run. My extensive design, installation, and repair knowledge makes me uniquely qualified to complete any masonry job. Rely on my company to have long-lasting, durable structures.

After reading about my masonry services and how I approach them, perhaps you want to know about the areas I cover. You can schedule my excellent services if you are anywhere near the following locations:

  • Wingdale, NY
  • New Milford Town, CT
  • Lagrangeville, NY
  • New Milford, CT
  • New Fairfield Town, CT

If you are looking to build a structure that stands out from the rest or make your property look exceptionally beautiful, J Coronado Masonry is capable of providing you with impressive results. Conveniently located in Dover, NY, I am one of the residential masonry contractors, you can count on me to assist with your masonry needs and deliver exceptional customer care, so don’t hesitate to contact me right away!


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by Maia Peterson on J Coronado Masonry
Perfect Brick and Stone Masonry Work!

I am totally satisfied with the brick and stone masonry work that this reputable company did for me! This expert was polite, professional, and personable, demonstrating attention to detail and utmost customer care. I will continue to use this company and would highly recommend it to my friends and neighbors.

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  • Bluestone & Paver Patio Construction
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  • Masonry Repair Work
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  • Stucco Service
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